Campus Protests ‘Puncturing Cloak of Silence’ over Palestine: UK Academic
IQNA – Student-led protests across the world are “puncturing the cloak of silence and wilful ignorance” over Gaza and Palestine, a UK lecturer says.
11:12 , 2024 May 12
‘Karamat Celebrations Opportunity to Deepen Understanding of Imamate’
IQNA – The custodian of the Imam Reza (AS) shrine says the 10-day Karamat celebrations provide an opportunity to deepen one’s understanding of the status of Imamate.
13:36 , 2024 May 12
Campus Protests Show World People Can No More Tolerate Genocide in Gaza: Academic
IQNA – A Malaysian professor says the eruption of protests in universities across the world shows that people can no longer tolerate the genocide that is unfolding in Gaza.
10:18 , 2024 May 11
‘Ineffable’: Qari Karim Mansouri Commends Peace Quran Brings to One's Life
IQNA – Prominent Iranian qari Karim Mansouri has hailed the peace that the Holy Quran brings into the lives of those who are guided by it.
10:55 , 2024 May 08
3 Mental Health Issues That Need to Be Addressed Before Hajj
IQNA – A psychiatrist points to three mental disorders that can disrupt the spiritual journey of Hajj, urging pilgrims to address them before the journey.
09:59 , 2024 May 06
Explainer: What We Know About Campus Protests Across US
IQNA – Universities across the United States, and now in several European countries, are witnessing encampment protests by students who demand divestment from the Israeli war machine.
12:01 , 2024 Apr 27
Imam Sadiq’s School Revived Islamic Teachings: Cleric
IQNA – An Islamic scholar says Imam Sadiq (AS) played a pivotal role in preserving Islam and reviving Islamic teachings through training students and guiding society in the right direction.
11:44 , 2024 May 04
Netanyahu Failed in Gaza, Tries to Widen War: Ex-UN Rapporteur
IQNA – Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu has failed to achieve goals in the “inhumane” war on Gaza and seeks to widen the conflict, a former UN special rapporteur says.
10:24 , 2024 Apr 20
Analyst Underlines 8 Points about Iran’s Retaliatory Attack on Israel
IQNA – A Lebanese analyst has listed eight points about Iran’s retaliatory strike against the Israeli regime which came after an Israeli attack on an Iranian diplomatic building in Syria.
11:52 , 2024 Apr 16
Arab, Muslim Countries Urged to Genuinely Support Palestine
IQNA – A Libyan academic and freelance journalist criticized Arab and Muslim countries that claim to be supporting Palestine but keep helping Israel amid the ongoing genocidal war on Gaza.
23:43 , 2024 Apr 18
The Holy Quran: Illuminating The Path Amidst Cognitive Warfare
IQNA – A senior cleric has highlighted the role of the Holy Quran in countering the cognitive warfare waged by some the West against the Holy Quran.
10:55 , 2024 Mar 28