Hamdi Zamil, A Renowned Qari Influenced by Mustafa Ismail’s Quran Recitation Style   
IQNA – Sheikh Hamdi al-Zamil, the anniversary of whose death fell on Sunday, May 12, was among the most famous Quran reciters of Egypt and the Muslim world.
10:29 , 2024 May 13
Youths Quran Contest Launched in Cape Town
IQNA – Cape Town in South Africa is hosting the fifth Quran competition for youths.
15:16 , 2024 May 12
When Christians Demanded Resumption of Sheikh Rif’at’s Recitation at Quran Radio  
IQNA – This week marked the anniversary of the death of Sheikh Muhammad Rif’at, one of Egypt’s greatest qaris of all time.
11:18 , 2024 May 12
Malaysia’s National Quran Contest to Be Held in Pahang
IQNA – Malaysia’s National Quran Recitation and Memorization Assembly is scheduled to take place in Pahang this year.
09:33 , 2024 May 12
Seminarians from 24 African Countries Partake in Qom Convention  
IQNA – The “Quranic Muballiq (propagator)” annual gathering of African seminary students was held in Iran’s holy city of Qom.
13:17 , 2024 May 11
Senior Omani Cleric Offers Insight on Necessity, Challenges of Quran Translation
IQNA – Translating the Holy Quran is a difficult but necessary and valuable work, the assistant to Oman’s Grand Mufti said.
10:22 , 2024 May 11
Ayatollah Khamenei Receives Iran's Hajj Quranic Convoy
IQNA – The Leader of the Islamic Revolution met with members of Iran's Hajj Quranic convoy, urging them to encourage pilgrims to reflect on the verses of the Holy Quran.
09:52 , 2024 May 10
Nat’l Quran Contest for Youth in Brunei: Preliminary Round Gets Underway
IQNA – The National Level Al-Quran Reading Competition for youth for 1445 Hijrah began in Brunei on Wednesday.
11:01 , 2024 May 09
Libyan Capital Hosting Int’l Quran Translation Conference
IQNA – An international conference on translation of the Quran has been launched in Tripoli, the capital of Libya.
12:17 , 2024 May 07
Gaza War Causes More Interest in Reading Quran in West: Musharraf Hussain
IQNA – A translator of the Quran into the English language said the war on the Gaza Strip has created greater interest in reading the Holy Book among Westerners.
10:23 , 2024 May 07
An Egyptian Qari Who Traveled to 100 Countries for Quran Recitation
IQNA – Mohamed Mahmoud Tiblawi was a prominent qari in Egypt who served as the president of the country’s Association of Quran Reciters and Memorizers for several years.
10:11 , 2024 May 06
Quranic Circles in Egypt Draw Large Crowds: Al-Ahram
IQNA – Quranic circles across Egypt have been warmly welcomed by large crowds of people, according to local media.
08:56 , 2024 May 06