Spain Not Going to Contribute to Israeli War on Gaza: FM
IQNA – The foreign minister of Spain said his country is not going to contribute to the war on Gaza.
17:07 , 2024 May 17
Texas Governor Being Sued for Violating Pro-Palestine Activists’ Rights  
IQNA – Texas Governor Greg Abbott and two Texas university systems are being sued for violating the rights of pro-Palestine activists.
08:55 , 2024 May 17
No Urgent Need to Remove Pro-Palestinian Encampment from McGill University: Quebec Judge
IQNA – An injunction to remove a pro-Palestinian encampment from Montreal’s McGill University was rejected by a judge.
14:48 , 2024 May 16
15th KazanForum: Halal Fair Launched in Russia’s Tatarstan  
IQNA – A Halal fair was launched in the Russian Republic of Tatarstan on Tuesday.  
19:40 , 2024 May 15
Philanthropy Expert Bemoans Bias against Muslims in US  
IQNA –  An expert on Muslim philanthropy deplored the bias and prejudice against Muslims in the US.
10:55 , 2024 May 15
Al-Azhar Chief Visits Sayyida Zaynab Mosque in Cairo
IQNA – Sheikh Ahmed al-Tayyeb, the imam of Al-Azhar, paid a visit to the Sayyida Zaynab Mosque in Cairo a day after its reopening.
17:20 , 2024 May 14
HRW Reports At Least 8 Israeli Strikes on Gaza Aid Convoys
IQNA – At least eight Israeli strikes on Gaza aid groups have taken place since October, a report said.
16:21 , 2024 May 14
US Support Enabling Israel to Kill, Starve Tens of Thousands of Palestinians: Army Officer
IQNA – Harrison Mann, an officer with the US Defense Intelligence Agency, resigned from his post over the US government’s support for the Israeli regime’s genocidal war on Gaza.
16:00 , 2024 May 14
UNICEF Calls for an End to ‘Indiscriminate Killing’ of Children in Gaza
IQNA – The United Nations Children’s Agency (UNICEF) has issued a plea for the cessation of the “indiscriminate killing” campaign against Palestinians, particularly children, in the Gaza Strip.
11:15 , 2024 May 14
California: Investigation Urged Following Assault on Pro-Palestine Activists in Menlo Park
IQNA – The Council on American-Islamic Relations’ San Francisco Bay Area office (CAIR-SFBA) has issued a strong condemnation of an alleged hate crime against individuals advocating for Palestine.
09:04 , 2024 May 14
Muslims in Mali Re-Plaster World’s Largest Mud-Brick Building (+Video)
IQNA – The Great Mosque of Djenne in Mali was the scene of a traditional annual ceremony this weekend.
08:57 , 2024 May 14
Development of Islamic Financial Institutions in Russia on Agenda at KazanForum 2024
IQNA – The KazanForum 2024, which will kick off on May 14, aims to boost Russia’s ties with Muslim world countries.
22:19 , 2024 May 13