Winners of Al-Ameed Int’l Quran Contest May Recite Quran at Karbala Shrine

IQNA – Winners of the 1st edition of Al-Ameed International Award will be invited to recite the Quran at Hazrat Abbas (AS) shrine in Karbala, an official said.
Specialized Quranic Course Planned by Astan of Hazrat Abbas Holy Shrine  
IQNA – The Astan (custodianship) of the holy shrine of Hazrat Abbas (AS) plans to hold a series of specialized Quranic courses.
12:01 , 2024 Apr 16
Quranic Circles Launched at Imam Reza Shrine as Tribute to Iran’s Anti-Israeli Operation

IQNA – A series of Quranic circles named “True Promise” has been launched at the holy shrine of Imam Reza (AS) in Mashhad.
16:56 , 2024 Apr 15
Egyptian Qaris Warmly Received in Germany, Venezuela in Ramadan  
IQNA – Qaris sent by Egypt to recite the Quran in Germany and Venezuela during the holy month of Ramadan were warmly welcomed by Muslims in both countries.
20:06 , 2024 Apr 14
Iran Names Members of Hajj Quranic Convoy
IQNA – Members of Iran’s Noor (light) Quranic Convoy for the 2024 Hajj were named by the Committee for Inviting and Dispatching Qaris.
15:55 , 2024 Apr 14
Algeria to Increase Quran Competitions’ Cash Prizes
IQNA – The president of Algeria ordered a rise in the cash prizes awarded to winners of the country’s Quran contests.
18:05 , 2024 Apr 13
Iranian Qari Wins Al-Kawthar TV’s Int'l Quran Competition
IQNA – The 17th edition of Al-Kawthar TV Channel’s 17th international Quran competition came to a close, with Iranian qari Mostafa Hemmat Qassemi winning the top prize.
08:25 , 2024 Apr 11
‘Libyan Mushaf’: Artist Completes, Unveils Handwritten Quran
IQNA – A Libyan calligrapher has completed and unveiled his handwritten Quran that is set to be published and distributed.
14:34 , 2024 Apr 09
Astan Hazrat Abbas Holds Quranic Gathering in Senegal
IQNA – The Astan of Hazrat Abbas (AS) Shrine organized a Quranic gathering in Senegal to commemorate the holy month of Ramadan.
18:15 , 2024 Apr 09
Quran Memorizers, Reciters Honored in North Gaza Camp
IQNA – A group of Quran memorizers and reciters graduated from a Quranic course held at a refugee camp in Gaza.
15:08 , 2024 Apr 07
3 Million Students Attend Quranic Circles Held in Commemoration of Gaza Martyrs
IQNA – Quran recitation programs were held Monday in over 20,000 schools in Iran and a number of other countries to commemorate teenage martyrs of Gaza.
10:56 , 2024 Apr 09
How Egyptian Qari Ahmed Nuaina Learned Quran
IQNA – Prominent Egyptian qari Sheikh Ahmed Ahmed Nuaina talked about how he learned the Quran at an early age.
22:19 , 2024 Apr 07
Institute Finishes Swedish Translation of Quran to ‘Combat Ignorance’
IQNA – An Iranian institute announced that it has finished a Swedish translation of the Holy Quran in a step to “combat ignorance” following several Quran desecration incidents in the country last year.
10:36 , 2024 Apr 06